BIOPURE ezifit water filter systems are slimline and compact in size. They fit easily under any sink and help to keep your kitchen
nice and tidy, never cluttered. A very stylish space saver.

Quality in all aspects
BIOPURE ezifit water filters are in their own heavy duty pressure housing. Every time the filter is
replaced, the housing is automatically renewed as well. No need to sanitise old housing, no mess
and no risk of leaking. Just simply pull out/push in the new filters. BIOPURE ezifit systems give a high flow rate with quality fittings. Our ceramic disc faucets are stylish and durable – BIOPURE ezifit water filtration systems – longer lasting .

** ezifit filters are rigorously performance tested by a NATA certified laboratory at the AWQC approved and comply to AUS/ NZ4348:1995 standards. All components are also Tested and certified to Australian Standard AS3497, NSF certified replacement cartridges.

Powerful Performance
Secrets in filters. You do not have to boil water to remove bacteria, With our BIOPURE ezifit systems superior technology, Kinetic Degradation Fluxion system and 0.03 micron ultra fine membrane, biopure delivers worry-free, clean fresh pure water all the time.

BIOPURE ezifit systems deliver safer water to your tap.   Available in twin, triple and ultrafine 4 stage models. Ideal for town water or tank water supplies.

A benefit for your whole family.

How to change your ezifit cartridges.

 Ezifit series filters are so easy to change and maintain. No more under sink mess.

  • Turn water off at the mini valve under sink – leave faucet in the ON position.
  • Read changing instructions in the package to make sure of the filter order.
  • Have ezifit fitting tool (Small spanner) ready

1. Remove all the Elbows ÅiTop and bottom Åj from filters
    PLEASE NOTE: Click images for more detail

  1. Slide spanner onto TOP of the filter around stem BELOW the white or gray coloured insert in the elbow.
  2. Lever spanner upwards pushing the insert up into the elbow until grey elbow slides off filter stem.
  3. Use spanner as lever until the elbow slides off
    Spanner is between filter and under the insert in the elbow, NOT between insert and elbow.
  4. Repeat process at the bottom elbow of the filter.
  5. If you are changing more than one filter, then simply repeat the above process.

         PLEASE NOTE: Click images for more detail

  6. Hold lower part of the filter and remove old filter from bracket and clip on new filters firmly.
  7. Remove protection caps from filters Push grey elbows you removed first back onto both ends of filters.
    Make sure hoses are pushed firmly into the elbows and the elbows are
    pushed firmly onto the filters. If loose, could cause leakage.

  8. Make sure the purifier faucet on your sink is in ON position
  9. Run your filter for 1-2minutes after changing to flush out the system
    Turn water supply off under the sink if not being used for long term and flush water for a few minutes ,when you turn back after long period off
    Do not run hot water through your filter system