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Ezi Fit

BIOPURE ezifit water filter systems are slimline and compact in size.  They fit easily under a sink and help to keep your kitchen nice and tidy, never cluttered.  A very stylish practical space saver.

Quality in all aspects

BIOPURE ezifit filters are in their own heavy duty pressure housing. Every time the filter is replaced, the housing is automatically renewed as well. No need to sanitise old housing, no mess, no orings to replace and no risk of leaking.  Just simply pull out/push in the new filters and connect the fittings.  BIOPURE ezifit systems give a high flow rate with quality filter cartridges, stylish all metal taps made with ceramic disc technology, quality John Guest fittings and hoses plus industry best Apex pressure limiting valves  – BIOPURE ezifit systems – Longer lasting .

Ezifit filters are rigorously performance tested by a NATA certified laboratory at the AWQC approved and comply to AUS/ NZ4348:1995 standards. All components are also tested and certified to Australian Standard AS3497

Powerful Performance

The Ezifit filter systems are available in twin under sink and triple under sink heavy metal removal configurations.  Depending on the system chosen they will remove or reduce chlorine, chemicals, bacteria, cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, bad taste and odours as well as dirt and sediment.

BIOPURE Ezifit systems delivers safer water to your tap.  Clean fresh tasting water is always on hand with a Biopure filtration system.
A benefit for your whole family.