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This sometimes happens when you first install your new filter cartridge. The cloudiness is harmless, compressed air. To remove it, the cartridge needs to be flushed for 3-4 minutes. If your water pressure is low then it may need to be flushed for longer.

Nothing’s wrong with the filter. It’s just that the filter cartridge hasn’t been flushed for long enough and there’s some leftover carbon powder from the manufacturing process. It’s harmless and easy to fix. Just open the tap for 3-4 minutes. This will fully activate the system and clear it.

There could be three reasons for this, either it’s to do with your water quality or water pressure.

In harsh or problem water areas where the water quality is questionable, the water filter cartridge will fully load with impurities in a shorter period of time. The filter is still doing its job of removing impurities but you’ll just have to change the cartridge more frequently.

If the system is not in a problem water area then it could be to do with the water pressure in your region. Filter systems need good water pressure to enable the water to be forced through the filter media. If incoming water pressure is low to start then the flow will be slow. Please note that the water filter systems will not work within a gravity fed system.

Your pressure limiting valve may also have failed.

Either the cold water is turned off under the sink or the cartridge is fully loaded with particles. Do you have any building or council works going on in you area? Sometimes if the council are clearing pipes or laying new pipes, they can allow large waste deposits into the water lines and this will clog up the system with dirt or particles. Call us.

Please shut off your system and call us if we installed the system for you or your plumber.

Our water filter systems are designed for easy installation. We recommend that a plumber or technician installs your system on mains water supply.

Yes most of our filter systems are designed for easy cartridge changes, however if we installed the system for you there is no need to worry as we will look after the filter changes for you when required.

The only systems which we sell that remove fluoride are reverse osmosis systems or any system which uses a activated alumina filter.

Filtered water will absorb the odours in a fridge. The cleaner the water, the more odours it will absorb. When storing filtered water in a fridge, make sure that the container is sealed.

Yes. Simply install a “tee” section in the filtered water line so that one line goes to the tap and one goes to the fridge.

Yes you can. Simply turn off the water supply at the chrome isolation valve, unscrew the unit and have it re-installed by a plumber in your new home.

An easy solution is to buy a stainless steel button from your local hardware store. This will neatly cover the hole.

Yes 90% of our water filter cartridges and filter systems are NSF and WaterMark certified.

This means that they have been independently tested both at an international and national level to meet plumbing safety, performance and legal requirements – it’s proof that they do exactly what they say they do!

We use Australia post and fastway couriers for all deliveries Australia-wide. Delivery costs are included in your purchase. Please allow 1-5 business days for delivery.

If you have any other questions please contact our friendly customer service team on 1300 255 345 or email us at [email protected]

Whole house water filtration systems should be installed as close to the point of entry of your water supply as possible. This is usually near your water heater, and specifically, you want it installed before the water flows into your water heater.  This is because your filter will clean the water, and make it so that your water heater doesn’t have to deal with contaminates or other assorted sediments and funky things from your water supply. This will make your water heater (and anything else in the chain that you have installed post-water-filter) last longer.

You should always protect whole house filter housings from freezing, direct extreme sunlight and other sources of UV rays.  Exposure may cause the filter housing to fail over time.