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You are viewing our quality range of reverse osmosis water filters. Choose from under sink reverse osmosis systems to portable countertop ro systems.  All our reverse osmosis systems are assembled right here in Australia and are watermark certified for your peace of mind.  Only the best high quality components and filter cartridges have been used to provide you with the best water possible and a 5 year warranty.

Any of our reverse osmosis water filters will remove or reduce fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, foreign organic compounds , VOC’s, sediment, dirt, bad taste and odours, colours, PFAS, PFC’s and PFOA.

Reverse osmosis filter systems are what we term as a true water purifier.  They will remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from your water supply by up to 100% depending on the model.   A alkaline mineral cartridge which will raise the PH of the water whilst creating a healthy hydrogen rich remineralised drinking water is also optional with each system.   Please not the under sink reverse osmosis systems are only available for local installation by us in our service areas and not available for purchase online.