Premium Whole House Water Filtration System Watermark Certified 20 x 4.5

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Premium whole house water filter system with 1 x 1st stage 1 micron pre filter for sediment removal and 1 x 2nd stage Aragon 3 plus water softening filter to remove chlorine, chemicals, radiation, heavy metals, bacteria, bad taste and odours and more.


Premium twin whole house water filter system big white 20 x 4.5 inch watermark certified.  Package includes

  • 2 x 20 inch x 4.5 inch Big White Heavy Duty Housings, Watermark Certified.
  • 1 x 1st stage – 1 micron poly spun pre filter – removes dirt and sediment etc.
  • 1 x  2nd stage – Geyser Aragon 3 plus filter – consisting of a unique polymer with high quality silver activated carbon and ion exchange.  Removes bacteria, scale, cysts, water hardness, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, VOC’s, herbicides, pesticides, bad taste, bad odours, radiation, foreign organic compounds and more.
  • 1 x Housings /  Joiners inlet and outlet  1 inch BSP.
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket Australian Made.
  • 1 x Big White Housing Opening Spanner.
  • 2 x Stainless steel liquid filled gauges.
  • Dimensions of the system are – 39 cm Width, 70 cm Height.
  • 5 Year Warranty (Excluding Filters) 12 monthly replacement recommended on the filter cartridges depending on water conditions.

This system whilst removing contaminates from your whole home’s water supply will also act as a water softener.  Filter the water from every tap in your home with this large capacity water filter system.

Premium Geyser Aragon 3 filter with unique polymer and high quality activated silver carbon.

Some information about the Geyser aragon 3 filter –

Aragon 3 cartridge is the only cartridge combining a unique polymer whose three-dimensional globular structure ensures efficient purification with high-quality activated silver charcoal and ion exchange. Cold water is purified to the potable water level, and hot water will not damage the household plumbing equipment.

Advantages –

Antidischarge: The cartridge will not transmit the filtered-off contaminants to the purified water and will clearly indicate when the cartridge should be replaced by a sharp decrease in the water pressure. Other filters after exhaustion of their operation life will transmit water for unlimited time.
Quasi-softening: The only patented procedure for decreasing scale formation without using salts and chemicals – water softener.
Quality of cold water purification: To the level of potable water with improved taste.
Bacteriostatic effect: Insoluble silver suppresses the reproduction of bacteria throughout the volume of the cartridge.
Complete removal of chlorine, chloramine and dissolved chemical impurities.
Fits in any 20 inch x 4.5 inch casings of international standards.
Suitable for use on mains water / town water / bore water and tank rainwater supplies.

Developed in Eastern Europe, this unique Aragon water filter cartridge is based on the innovative, patented Aragon Media. It has been extensively tested by Certified Laboratories in Europe.

Advantages of the Aragon Water Filter

New SGS-polymers: Space Globular Structure (SGS) material for water purification combines 3 types of filtration: mechanical, sorption and ion-exchange, making this filter the best to date at removing the widest range of chemicals. mechanically strong structure. These polymer chains are coated and enable a highly effective ion exchange process.
High quality extruded carbon block: The Aragon solid block material is a bacteriostatic polymer made from additives of silver and granules of ion-exchange resins. It is equally effective at purifying both hot and cold water.
Removal-efficiency: Mechanically strong structure. These polymer chains are coated and enable a highly effective ion exchange process.

This method of SGS-polymer filtration is up to 20 times more effective than common methods of ion-exchange.

The Filtration Benefits of the Aragon Water Filter

High removal efficiency: Mechanical impurities are filtered out through the surface layers with extremely high accuracy. SGS-polymers have shown the best results in the complex removal of harmful impurities. Elements and compounds including heavy metals and radioactive materials are removed through ion-exchange and sorption mechanisms.

Aragon solid block: Hardness salts, dissolved and colloidal iron, heavy metals and there compounds are removed through the resin and polymer ion-exchange properties. The Aragon filters capacity also provides removal of active chlorine, chlorine containing compounds and organic compounds.

Aragon represents the most up-to-date technology for water treatment and bacteria and cysts removal. That makes it possible to get completely safe and health-promoting water without boiling.

Weight12 kg
Dimensions58 × 22 × 70 cm
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2 reviews for Premium Whole House Water Filtration System Watermark Certified 20 x 4.5

  1. Matthew Douglas

    A very wise investment!

    I had very smelly untreated water coming from the taps here on the Gold Coast. The chlorine affects my skin condition and when I had these installed, there was no more smell to be had and nice, pleasant and comfortable showers with no more stinging with my skin condition. The gentlemen are friendly and hospitable. I had browsed other filters from competitors but I am genuinely glad I had purchased from biopure, as I am very well pleased about their friendly and honest service and the quality of the parts supplied and the quality of the water coming from my taps. No more buying boxed water from the supermarkets and more money to be saved in the long term. A very wise investment financially and for health and wellbeing.

  2. Todd Bradford

    Best thing we’ve spent our money on in a long time. Every tap in our home is now filtered and free from nasty chemicals and smells. The system itself is very simple and easy to maintain with only two filters that need to be changed every 12 months. We change our own filters but Biopure do offer a service where they will do that for you if you wish.

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