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5 reasons to consider using carbon water filters

A Biopure carbon water filter cartridge

At Biopure, Water for Life, we are huge advocates for water filters, and in particular we love the carbon water filters. Carbon water filter systems proffer many benefits for their users and are a crowd favourite due to their versatility, relatively low cost base and efficacy in removing large amounts of impurities from your precious drinking water. On top of all of this, a carbon water filter cartridge will remove most impurities and contaminants and make your water taste pure and delicious.


First of all, what is carbon?

Carbon is a chemical element, just like the oxygen we breathe and the hydrogen in the water that we drink. Carbon is an extremely abundant element and molecules of it exist within every living being on earth. However, the carbon that we are referring to in our bodies is in a very different form to the carbon found in our drinking water filter cartridges. The carbon found in water filter cartridges is activated carbon, fashioned into a bed. This activated carbon is commonly known as charcoal. This activated charcoal bed then removes impurities and contaminants using a process called chemical adsorption. If you’re interested in carbon, continue reading about it.


What is Adsoprtion?

Chemical adsorption, as opposed to absorption, defines a chemical process by which carbon absorbs molecules (such as chemicals) found in a solution of water. Those chemicals are then trapped and bound within the porous, activated carbon matrix and removed from the water. A carbon water filter can typically trap and remove any particle from a solution that is between 0.4 to 50 microns. This is why a carbon water filter is so effective at removing contaminants such as chlorine and pesticides.

Now that we know what carbon is and how it filters your water, let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why you should consider using a carbon water filter.


  1. Relatively cheap prices

Charcoal, is relatively simple and cheap to produce which means that your

replacement cartridges will be easy to replace and won’t hurt your hip pocket. Manufacturers are able to produce and deliver carbon filter cartridges relatively cheaply which means savings for the customer at the retail and wholesale level. Although you will need to outlay some funds on the initial purchase price of the filter system, you can claw back some savings on replacement carbon water filter cartridges which are usually pretty cost effective.


  1. Superior water filtering ability

As mentioned above, carbon has a superior water filtering capability. This is due to the structure of activated carbon, which forms a spongy matrix that delivers an unrivaled surface area. Just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area of 3000m2! This means that activated carbon water filter cartridges are excellent for trapping nasty chemical molecules and contaminants within their endless matrix. Although carbon water filters are great at removing a number of detritus materials such as chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, and bad odours and tastes. Unfortunately, carbon water filters are not the best at removing dissolved inorganic contaminants and heavy metals such as, fluoride and copper. If you are hoping to remove more heavy metals, reverse osmosis systems are best for this.


  1. Improve water filter quality and taste

As a result of such superior water filtering ability, carbon is able to deliver excellent results when it comes to improving water quality and taste. As the carbon water filter will remove the majority of contaminants and chemicals, there will no longer be anything left in the water to give off bad tastes or odours. When using a carbon water filter you will be left with simply pure, clean tasty water.


  1. Readily available

Carbon as mentioned is a very common element. This means that it is available almost everywhere on the planet and can be produced and melded in many different forms at minimal cost. This is great news for customers because no matter where you travel you’ll be able to get a hold on some carbon to replace your filter.


  1. Easy to maintain

A carbon water filter cartridge will need to be replaced once the carbon within it is all used up and can no longer absorb nasty chemicals and contaminants. Fortunately, it is very simple to maintain a carbon water filter. Replacement cartridges are cheap and custom made to fit the water filter system so that you can continue to enjoy pure water without the hassle. When your filtered water starts to taste different or the pressure begins to slow, you will know that it is time to change the filter.


If you’re sold on a carbon water filter, look no further than Biopure, Water for Life

Biopure stock a number of custom made, certified carbon water filters that are available at very reasonable prices, check them out online today. If you are looking to improve your health through installing a water filter system, there is no better way to do so than by installing a carbon water filter system. You’ll have great tasting water, free of chemicals, at an affordable price.

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