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The Signs That It’s Time for a Water Filter Change?

Biopure Article about Water Filter Changes . Dirty Cartridges

Biopure, Water for Life have water filter systems and cartridges for all purposes and applications. Biopure’s systems are backed by our 10 year warranty and are NSF and Australian watermark certified.

After installing your new watermark certified water filter system, you shouldn’t just forget about it and hope that it continues to deliver pure, clean water. Just like everything worth having, they require some maintenance to continue to pump out healthy, pure, water. Whether you should replace your water filter cartridge depends on how long you’ve had it and how often you use it, as well as the type of filter and the water quality in your area.Depending on the filter system that you have, the water filter cartridge will need generally need changing between once every 12 months to once every 24 months. Usually your filter will have a label that recommends how often to change the cartridge.

But if you’ve lost track of how long you’ve had your current filter, how do you know when your filter needs changing? you may ask.

Here are a few clues to help you to know when to change your water filter cartridge:

  1. if the filtered water starts to taste and smell different (you may even notice the chlorine taste again);
  2. you may notice large particles in the water; and
  3. the water flow may start to slow down.

If you notice any of these signs, then it is time to check on your water filter!

These changes occur because the filter is beginning to become clogged up with particles. When this happens, the filter still works but the cartridge is not doing its job properly. So eventually if your water filter cartridge is not changed, over time the cartridge will become less and less effective as it can’t capture the particles anymore. If you forget to change the filter for too long it will get to the point where it will become totally clogged up and stop allowing water through.At this point it could become a breeding ground for bacteria which is very detrimental to your health.

Always check the manufacturer’s water usage guidelines to make sure you haven’t exceeded them. Of course, some factors will influence the rate at which your water filter cartridge will need changing, such as:

  1. water quality;
  2. presence of chemicals in the water;
  3. the amount the water filter is used (depending on whether a whole family is using the system or just you); and
  4. the filter type:

At Biopure, Water for Life, we offer a number of different filters such as:

    1. Ceramic – removes sediment, rust, algae, chemicals, bad taste, odours and bacteria.
    2. Sediment removal filters – Sediment removal water filter cartridges are available in poly spun or pleated washable, as mentioned above. Pleated polypropylene filter media provides more surface area for longer filter life and increased particle removal.
    3. Activated Carbon – works by absorbing contaminants trapped inside the pore structure of the carbon filter. There are two types of this filter, the ‘Carbon Block’ and the ‘Granulated Activated Carbon’ filter where both are dependent on water pressure.
    4. Reverse Osmosis – this water filter system contains more advanced technology than the ‘Activated Carbon’ because it can remove fluoride, arsenic and nitrate. Thus, these types of filters are recommended for people who want to remove fluoride or may have an illness.

It might be handy to note that some of Bioure’s water filter cartridges can be scrubbed clean to extend the filter’s life between filter replacements, such as the doulton range of cleanable ceramic filter cartridges

So to recap, most water filter cartridges require replacement every 12 to 24 months, depending on the filter type, water quality and rate of use. It is often easy to note how often you need to change your filter cartridge as the filter system will be labelled.

Biopure offer replacement water filter cartridges for many water filters, all of which are available online now.  We stock a large range of replacement water filters from leading water filter brands including Matrikx, Multipure, Omnipure, Doulton, Sprite, Pentek, Everpure, Biopure Ezifit and Ultraceram just to name a few.   Our range will suit most types of water filter systems on the Australian market.   You can choose from popular sediment removal filters, carbon filters, ceramic filters and more. 

All Biopure’s prices include free postage Australia wide.Biopure, Water for Life thank you for choosing to shop with us, we are Australia’s best value supplier of water filtration systems and filter cartridges. We focus on offering complete customer satisfaction so if there is anything we can help you with please feel free to contact our professional team.

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