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How to Change a Water Filter Cartridge in a Couple of Minutes

Water glass and water filter cartridges placed on a wooden table

Check out Biopure’s simple article on how to change a water filter cartridge. Changing a water filter cartridge is super easy. No need to call the plumber, and it can be done in a couple of minutes. Follow our easy steps below to change your filter depending on the filter that you have installed.


Under Sink Water Filters


Twin Under Sink Water Filter

1. Turn on the water filter tap so water is running.

2. Locate the isolating ball valve under the sink and turn off the water supply to the unit.

3. Carefully take the purifier off its mounting brackets if needed under the sink – this will make it easier to service.

4. Unscrew each housing clockwise when looking directly at the filter system ( labels sediment – carbon chemical should be facing you ) with your hand or opening spanner with bracket at top. The white opening spanner also shows on the handle which way to open and close.

5. Remove both filters and clean the purifier housings while this is apart.

6. Remove cellophane from new cartridges and place inside clean housings.

7. Ensure black O-Ring is seated properly in housing.

8. Hold each housing in upright position with o-ring facing up. Screw each cartridge to the mounting bracket.

9. If you have a ceramic doulton filter please scrub and place back into the housing with hole at top. Carbon filter must be on the right hand side – marked Carbon.

10. Tighten up the housings.

11. Put purifier back on its mounting brackets.

12. Open the tap on your system.

13. Turn back on the water supply ball valve. The water should flow back out the faucet in a few seconds.

14. Allow water to run from tap for 3-4 minutes or until clear.


Under Sink Reverse Osmosis

1. Close the shut-off valve that controls the incoming water flow to the system. Little black handled tap connected to PLV and red hose.

2. Turn tank valve on top of storage tank to the off position. Blue handle should be to the right quarter turn.

3. Open the faucet where the filtered water comes out to release the pressure from the system.

4. Loosen filter housings either by hand or with the housing wrench supplied by turning clockwise towards you, be careful to keep them upright as the housings will be full of water. It’s a good idea to place a towel under them.

5. Remove all housings and cartridges. Disregard old filter cartridges. If the membrane is being changed please use the spanner provided to open end of membrane housing and replace the membrane the same way as you removed it.

6. Clean and wash out all filter housings – Normal household detergent is fine.

7. Gently place some silicone lubricate or olive oil if no lubricate is available on the o’rings to keep them soft and supple and make sure they are seated back into the correct position.

8. The inline omnipure cartridge above membrane needs to be removed by pushing the little white or blue collete back in towards the filter and gently pulling hose out in the opposite direction. When the inline filter has been removed please place new filter back into position and push hoses firmly back into place.

9. Place all new filter cartridges into the bottom housings with the new filters supplied. Pre filter goes on the left side and carbon filter on the right side. Tighten housings hand tight and then give a little nudge to tighten using the filter spanner. If changing the membrane please use the membrane opening spanner to open the membrane housing. Use a set of pliers or like to pull the membrane out taking note of its direction. Replace membrane the same way you removed it and once inserted tighten housing.

10. Turn membrane flushing mode on which is the little blue tap situated above membrane on black hose a quarter turn to the right, inline with black hose.

11. Turn on incoming water supply at the shut off valve with black handle. Let run for 30 seconds, you will hear it rushing to waste as this is now flushing membrane and filling up the filter housings.

12. After this has been done turn membrane flushing mode back into the normal operating position. The blue tap should be straight up and down. 28. Now turn your storage tank tap back into the on position.

13. The tank will now be emptying, let it run until the water flows to a dribble. 30. Once it runs to a dribble the tank will now be empty. Turn the filtered water tap on top of sink off.

14. The system will now be refilling, some bubbles and aeration will occur for up to 48 hours as this is normal.

15. Once the tank is full please turn on your water filter tap on the bench top and allow the tank to empty. It’s a good idea to allow your tank to fill and empty twice before drinking the water – This helps to flush the system and activate the new filters.

16. Your reverse osmosis filter service is now complete.

17. Always check over the system for any drips or leaks that may occur 5 minutes after you have completed the service and filter change

18. PLEASE NOTE – If you have the optional alkaline mineral cartridge this goes inline on the white hose between the reverse osmosis system and the storage tank.

If after changing the filters you have a slow flow from the storage tank when full please remove blue air valve cap on the storage tank on either the side or bottom of the tank. Turn your water filter tap on and use a standard bike valve air pump to pump the remaining water out of the tank until the tank is empty. When empty please pump until you have at least 8 psi in the tank but no more than 10 psi please use a pump with a pressure gauge. The flow should come back to normal from this point once the tank has filled again with water. If the problem persists your reverse osmosis membrane will need to be changed as well. Call 0405 412 977 if you need any guidance.


Counter Top Water Filters

1. Place the Counter Top housing on the sink. Make sure the diverter valve on the tap is in the off position.

2. Remove filter from housing by unscrewing the top from the base by hand or opening spanner. The housing unscrews clockwise when holding the system upside down. ( by its base )

3. Wash out housing thoroughly. Remove protective cellophane from cartridge and place inside housing.

4. Close firmly – take care not to pinch O-Ring.

5. Turn the whole unit back upside down and run until water is running clearly and regularly.

6. Turn back up the correct way. This will clear any air bubbles. Run for a further 3 mins.


Important Things to Remember:

a. Do not run hot water through the water filter system as this may damage the Cartridge.

b. Remember, your system can be used for everything not just drinking water, but tea, coffee, cooking, baking, your pets, watering your plants, etc.

c. Air bubbles may be present or the water may seem cloudy for a short period but this will cease with use.

If you have any questions, check Biopure’s FAQ page or contact our friendly customer service team. If you need further assistance we are always happy to help. Biopure stock a range of replacement water filter cartridges so no matter what filter you have we can help you out.

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