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How to Get Your Children to Drink More Filtered Water

Biopure Blog article on How to Get Your Children to Drink More Water

It can often be difficult to get your children to drink water and you may be wondering how to make your children drink it so that they are getting enough water intake to maintain optimal hydration.

The key is to encourage your kids to drink more water by making it fun to drink, as well as by installing a water filter system that will make your tap water extra tasty!

Here are a few of Biopure’s tips to get your kids to drink more water:

  • Make sure that your tap water tastes delicious (which will be the case if you install a Biopure water filter system);
  • Set a good example so your children see you drinking water regularly;
  • Choose a special water bottle or cup to fill with filtered water;
  • Try adding frozen fruit to filtered water – this will make it more exiting for your kids;
  • Choose water, instead of soft drinks when you eat out. If you make water the first option, it will quickly become a healthy habit;
  • Teach your kids to fill up their own water bottles with one of Biopure’s water filter systems;
  • Give your kids a fun, reusable straw;
  • Try setting up a reward system – maybe give your kids a treat as an incentive to drink more water; and
  • Use fun cartoon printed reusable water bottles.


Why is it Important for Children and Babies to Drink Plenty of Water?


There are many reasons why drinking plenty of filtered water is important for our adult general wellbeing. But for children, drinking sufficient water is even more important. This is the case as children are at a much higher risk of dehydration than adults.

Here are a few key things to look out for in babies and children that can assist you to recognise early onset dehydration:

  • darker urine;
  • dry tongue, lips and mouth;
  • lower urine output;
  • nausea and headaches;
  • gaunt and pale appearance;
  • increased tiredness;
  • greater thirst for water; and
  • dizziness or light-headedness.

Severe dehydration is much more serious and you should look out for these symptoms:

  • cold temperature – especially at the extremities; 
  • greater thirst;
  • tiredness or less active than normal;
  • pale and sunken eyes; absent tears;
  • faster breathing and increased heart rate; and
  • irritable, confused or drowsy.

If your kid is showing signs of severe dehydration, you should seek immediate medical assistance.

You can avoid all of these issues by ensuring that your child always drinks adequate amounts of water. Research also suggests that drinking filtered water helps to improve hydration levels.

Why you Shouldn’t Give Your Kids Sugary Drinks


Apart from the obvious risk of dehydration, there’s a better reason to opt for filtered water for your child, as opposed to a sugar filled alternative.

According to recent research, regular intake of sugar filled drinks is shown to increase the risks of obesity and other obesity related disease. Research also suggests that this can lead to a higher incidence of cancer, regardless of whether the person is obese or not.  The same study found that the more sugar filled soft drinks participants drank, the higher their risk was of cancer. This was not the case with those subjects that opted for diet soft drinks, which may suggest that sugar is a key contributor.

Cancer is one of the chronic health conditions associated with sugary drinks. Other health problems in children scientifically linked to high intake of sugary drinks may include:

  • weight gain, leading to obesity;
  • hyperactivity;
  • tooth decay; and
  • stunted growth.

A misunderstanding by parents is that fruit juices are a healthy option. But a juice box full of generic apple juice can contain upwards of six teaspoons of sugar. Parents should try to limit sweetened fruit juice intake. And instead, offer children fresh fruit and vegetables and filtered healthy water.


The Better, More Health Conscious Choice


A Biopure water filter is the best way to ensure that great tasting water is the first and only choice for your children. A Biopure water filtration system is a great option for the whole family. We offer a huge range of filter options from whole house, reverse osmosis systems, to small counter top portable systems. All of Biopure’s systems filter out bad tastes, heavy metals and harmful substances, leading to greater all round health. 

If you make the commitment to a Biopure water filter system it will deliver you delicious tasting, pure water that is available all day, every day with minimal effort. We don’t have any reservations in saying that you won’t have trouble getting your kids to drink water anymore.

You can order any of Biopure’s excellent water filter systems online today or contact our professional team to discuss all your water filtration needs. Biopure also provides installation services so you really have no excuse not to order one of our water filters today. Give your family the gift of health through filtered pure, water, water for life.

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