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The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Biopure Blog - The Dangers of Drinking Tap Water

Whether to drink tap water or not is a common health based question. The question is relatable as we all rely heavily on tap water on a daily basis and it is difficult to know what exactly is in it. Even if you don’t drink tap water, you likely wash your fruit and vegetables or cook with it. The safety of our daily water supply is a controversial and important topic; especially in Australia where the Government fluoridates more than 50% of the water supply. Biopure will discuss the dangers of drinking tap water and give you some important information on why should you avoid it.

Have you had your chemicals today

On top of that, it is worrying to note that the relevant water management authorities in each State and Territory add up to 50 different chemicals to our water supply. Such chemicals are added for a range of public health related reasons, with assurances that the water is fit for human consumption. But how can we be certain that these chemicals are as harmless as they are made out to be? How can we know whether there are any long term side effects or not? Conclusive research has not been conducted to assess the real long term effects of increased consumption of fluoride, so there is no way to be certain of its actual benefits or effects. However, recent studies in Canada suggest that there is little to no improvement in the dental health of those who have fluoride added to their water as opposed to those that do not.

Avoid excessive fluoride

Little research exists to back up the premise that fluoride in water is beneficial for our dental health (the quoted reason it is added to our water supply); however, there is plenty of evidence that does suggest that excess fluoride has detrimental side effects to the human body especially sodium fluoride added to Queensland water supplies. Excess fluoride has been proven to have damaging effects on the cognitive development of children, cause thyroid conditions and increase instances of mental health issues. Further, the increased concentration of fluoride in household plumbing has been proven to corrode pipes and if the pipes are made from copper or other heavy metals, this can leach into your drinking water. We do not need to elaborate on the negative effects of consumption of excess heavy metals; as we know that they can cause severe health issues.

With these points in mind, it’s clear that you should ensure you aren’t consuming excessive fluoride, chlorine and other contaminates. Excess consumption can be prevented by avoiding the use of tap water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables and cooking. Although the Australian water authorities state that there is too small an amount of fluoride in the Australian water supply to affect humans negatively, it is difficult to be sure how much fluoride you should actually be consuming for good health. However, Australian dentists suggest that a safe amount is between 3-4 milligrams per day. A conservative serving of generic toothpaste contains 3 milligrams of fluoride. So, it is safe to assume that as your toothpaste and mouthwash contains fluoride, there should be no need to supplement fluoride intake any further through water supply.

Biopure has a solution for your household

To ensure that you are protecting your health and the health of your family, we recommend avoiding the use of tap water at all costs. The best way to go about this it by installing a Biopure reverse osmosis water purifier which has the capability of removing fluoride and other chemical contaminates from your water. Some water filters do not remove trace elements, so will not be effective at removing the fluoride or heavy metals. A reverse osmosis system works to effectively remove all impurities from the water and guard your long term health. Biopure offer reverse osmosis systems in portable options or as built in under sink systems. Contact us today to see how we can work with you to protect your health through our tailored healthy water systems.

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