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Why You Should Install An Under Sink Water Filter

guy installing a twin undersink water filter

If you value your health, you have probably considered installing a water filter. But what water filter should you buy? With so many options out there you may need some help, right? Biopure are here to help you make an informed choice and explain why you should install an under sink water filter.  As our bodies are made up of about 60% water, it makes sense to consider the quality of the water we are consuming. We need to ensure that we are:

a) getting enough water; and

b) drinking the right water.

As we know, municipal water supplies are usually full of additives and compounds, that when consumed in excess can be negative for our long term health. The best way to ensure that you are getting the right water for optimal health, is to install an under sink water filter. Biopure’s scientifically backed, reverse osmosis water filters are proven to filter out 99% of foreign compounds, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, bad tastes and more. Leaving you with nothing but pure, delicious and nourishing water. Biopure specialise in producing filter options that deliver pure, safe and healthy water.

How Under Sink Water Filters Work

A number of methods exist for filtering water under the sink. However, the most common is to divert the water from the main cold water supply under the sink using a connection. The connection is usually a watermark certified metal connection. From this connection a food grade BPA free tube is then sent to the filter’s purifying cartridge where the chemicals and contaminants are mostly removed. The water is then sent to the filter tap on the surface of the sink where the fresh, filtered water will be dispensed.

Benefits of Under Sink Water Filters 

The benefits of under sink water filters are immeasurable to an extent. In a general sense, sustained and consistent consumption of filtered water will lead to an improved sense of wellbeing. But more specifically it is known to:

    • Help mitigate the risk of cancer, by helping to eliminate carcinogenic contaminants;
    • Improve hydration;
    • Assist in prevention of birth defects in pregnant women;
    • Improve the health and growth of developing children;
    • Retain healthy mineral deposits and in the case of reverse osmosis an optional alkaline mineral cartridge is available.
  • Reduce gastrointestinal issues.

These are just some of the many benefits that can be derived from the sustained and consistent use of under sink water filters. If you are considering taking the next step towards improving your health, you should do some research and determine the right filter for your needs. Biopure offer the best water filter system for your health requirements, from under sink water filters to counter top filters. But when you are purchasing a filter there are some things to be conscious of:

Things to look out for:


When considering an under sink water filter you should always ensure that you take into account the size of the filter. Use a tape measure to measure the size of the filter and compare this to the size of your cupboard underneath your sink. The last thing that you want is to bring your new filter home and discover that it will not fit under the sink.

Ease of installation/filter change

Selecting a unit that is easy to install by yourself is a must, you do not want to go to the unnecessary expense of hiring a plumber to install your filter on your behalf. Most under sink water filter units are designed to be very easy to install and they should be, however if you have trouble installing your unit, Biopure offers water filter installations and ongoing services on the Gold Coast, Tweed Shire and surrounding areas.

Cartridge longevity

The filter in your water filter system requires changing on a semi-regular basis. Biopure’s filter cartridges generally only require replacement once every 12 months. The regularity of a cartridge change will no doubt influence the decision you make about your filter system. Biopure only offer high quality filter systems and the best filters and filtration components.

Filtering Capacity

Some cartridges are more efficient at removing impurities and contaminants than others, so you should always consider the filtering capacity of your water filter system before committing to a purchase. For example, our most popular system, the Alkaline mineral hydrogen rich under sink reverse osmosis has the capacity to produce up to 300 litres of fresh, filtered and pure water per day.

Water pressure

The rate at which your water filter can provide you with pure, filtered water is an important consideration. No one wants to be standing at the filter nozzle for hours waiting for their water bottle to fill. All of Biopure’s filter systems are made of a high standard and provide water at a sufficient pressure to keep you happy at the nozzle.

Alternative options

If you are not keen to commit to an under sink system, you should consider the other options available. Biopure provide excellent countertop systems that offer similar benefits to the under sink models. The countertop models are no doubt smaller and cannot produce as high a volume of filtered water, however they are still great systems and are capable at removing the majority of contaminants, impurities and bad tastes from your water. They are also very simple and quick to install.

Wrap up

If you have read this article and want to make the commitment to improving your health through pure filtered water, you should contact Biopure today to discuss your requirements. Our professional team are always happy to help and have the right advice for you. As mentioned, Biopure offer installation services on the Gold Coast and surrounding regions, so you can purchase and install the best water filters in Australia and have them installed without even lifting a finger. Do not risk your health any longer and make the move towards healthy, pure water at home or in your office.

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